Cybertruck Camper

Compact, Beautifully Designed
Comfortable, Private Space
Sleeps 1-2 People
Slide-Out Kitchen
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The 2024 Cybertruck Camper is the perfect compact travel trailer to accompany your new Cybertruck, electric vehicle, or even lightweight towing vehicle. The light weight fiberglass and aluminum construction allows for many different vehicles to tow this trailer, not just large trucks. Even though it's lightweight, it does not skimp on durability, with premium components, off road style tires, and striking hard lines, similar to the Cybertruck. It provides a compact and efficient use of space, elegant design, and working kitchen in the back. Open the rear hatch, and it has a two-burner propane stovetop, hand-pump sink, and a refrigerator.

Sleeps 1-2 People

Dimensions: 108" x 63" x 58"

Water System:
Clean Water Tank: 75L (19Ga)
Grey Water Tank: 75L (19Ga)

Power & Electrical
Front Connector:7 Core Cire Connector;
50A Anderson Plug
Emergency Brake System
Battery: Gel battery,
12V100AH*2& 25A battery charger
Indicator: Electric meter, fresh water and grey water
External socket:220V-240V,15A/ 1AU Standard 220V
External charging cable:10 meters

One Memory Foam Mattress

Dometic two burner stove
MP5 Player
Inner stereo*2
Outside waterproof stereo * 1

Traction System
"Coupling: AU off-road coupler
Max Drawer Pull: 2000KG"

Tent System
Tent stand: three
Car side canopy awning:2(L)*3(W)/m Manual
Roof Tent:1.4224*1.2192*0.3048/m
capacity:3 people

Adjustable Independent Suspension System
Single Axle
Brake:12 inch electric brake with manual brake

Front guide wheel: side mounted lift, Lifting Jack: 4
Level: Bubble Level
Front Box/ Stone Net/Stainless Steel Pull Drawer
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