Luxury Trailer Features

Caravan Woods Luxury Camping Trailers features amenities you might find in high end hotel rooms, only more compact and suitable for a life on the road. Don't settle for laminates and areas of wasted space. Every square inch of a Caravan Woods trailer is meticulously Engineered for maximum efficiency of space, comfort, and aesthetics. We believe the creature comforts you are used to, should be at your fingertips, not an add-on, or item that has to be retrofitted after the fact. When you buy a Caravan Woods luxury trailer, you can expect to receive a fully functional, off-road camping machine that is nice enough to win awards, but rugged enough to take off the beaten path. Here are a handful of standard finishes of our trailers. 


    high end finishes and maximum space
  • Comfortable Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress
  • Multi-configuration Leather Sofa
  • 4-way Adjustable Table unit, with polished bamboo surface
  • Beautiful Cabinet Sets For Storage
  • Stainless Steel Sink With Faucet
  • 2-Burner Stove, and Integrated Microwave oven (20L)
  • Integrated kitchen:Heng brand, A8-750
  • RV refrigerator:12V, 105L, 452 * 490 * 850 (L/W/H)
  • RV air conditioner:Dometic, B3200
  • RV toilet:Dometic,976, floor-mounted toilet
  • TV Stand:Installed 24-inch TV, rotatable
  • Philips LCD TV:24PFF3555/T3,24inches,black
  • Philips DVD Player:DVP3600,black;Pioneer Players:DEH-6350SD;
    Car stereo:JBL750
  • Bathroom bottom basin: 700 * 700 * 60MM (L/W/H),acrylic
  • Bathroom mirror:500*800MM(L/W)
  • Shower:Shower head, 1.5 m explosion - proof hose , Yuan throne
  • Washbasinsp:do not use ceramic , 360 * 300MM
  • leated blind:White or beige, the unfolded length 900MM,
    Pleated blind rail:880MM
  • Mattress: 1500*2000MM
  • RV outside window:One for 1200*500,Four for 900*450,One for 500*350MM(L/H)
  • 3*Storage Door:700*290MM(L/W)
  • 2*RV Sunroof:500*500MM(L/W)
  • 1Ventilation sunroof:340*340MM(L/W)
  • 2*Air vents:455*155MM(L/W)
  • Room Door:620*1800MM(L/H)
  • PVC floor And Curtain


  • Dimensions:8017*2240*2920MM
  • Base Frame:Gavlanized Steel、SUS304、Aluminum
  • The Box Plate:Aluminum,Fire-retardant Plywood,FRP,XPS
  • The front box:Aluminum
  • 1 Front door,35 M Clamping aluminum,35M Caulking strips,8M Splicing tape
  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanised chassis and drawbar
  • Independent suspension with double shock absorber
  • 10 inch electric brakes with hand brake,Handbrake cable*2
  • Trailer coupler:Size: 50mm ball , load capacity: 2.5 tSurface treatment: hot dip galvanized, Australian Standard
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • Stabalizer legs*4
  • 235/60R16 Tires*3, 235 / 60R16 wheels*3
  • Mudgraud/fender*2




  • 2*Gas cylinders:10KG*2,Gas valve and gas pipe
  • 3*Maintenance-free batteries:120AH,12V;Inverter:3000W;
  • Gravitational outlet,Outer socket with cover
  • Outdoor waterproof socket,External city power socket,socket*7,
  • Electrical installation accessories,Water installation accessories,Mounting screws


  • Freshwater tank:Food - grade material PE, white, 75L*2
  • Sewage tank:Black, 75L*2
  • 2*Hot and cold taps,Bright outfit shower faucet:Hot and cold dual,
    highly polished, rotatable faucet
  • Water level gauge and the water level sensor,2 units,
  • Stainless steel sink:420*370*180MM(L/W/H)
  • Water Heater:Te Luma, 14L
  • 12V water pump
  • Shower system




  • 6*Side marker lamps,2*Reversing light,2*Retro-reflector,
    2*Triangular reflector,2*Retro-reflector
  • Ceiling lamp:12V,6W,white,12V,40W,white
  • LED exterior wall light,Reading lamp*6,LED lights(15M),Wardrobe Light*2