Fully Customizable

With most trailer companies, you are forced to buy the trailer off the nearest lot that has some of the features you want. Caravan Woods changes the entire trailer buying experience by manufacturing and delivering the trailer YOU want, with all of the features, comforts, and amenities that are perfect for you. We want you to start with the platform (size) you want, provide the comforts you love, and finish it out with the palette you enjoy. After checkout, we get to work making the trailer of your dreams, and deliver it right to your door.


Money Making Potential

Glamping has become not only a popular Instagram trend, but a way of life for some people. It's a great way to travel the country, see new sites, and have a revenue stream on the side. Become a host and receive top dollar from your trailer, with the peace of mind your luxury trailer will outlast others.

Why Caravan Woods Luxury Trailers

Caravan Woods started to address a growing need in the new and small family market. To have a get away vehicle that doesn’t take up much space, can go anywhere you want, pulled by standard vehicles, but doesn’t skim on the creature comforts that we are accustomed to. Our off-road camping trailers can go anywhere you dream of, while not needing to be tied down to electrical power like at an RV park. The vast benefit of owning a luxury trailer from Caravan woods is the ability to take your hybrid trailer anywhere you see fit. Each model comes equipped with high capacity batteries and true power generating solar panels for an off-grid experience like no other. We welcome you to build your own dream trailer and see how much you can enjoy the great outdoors.